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Buena Vista Lodge & Adventure Center is a cattle raising Hacienda that changed part of its activity to dedicate itself to ecologic tourism in a rustic environment and conserving the idiosyncrasy and culture of the zone. It is located 31kms from Liberia and it borders the  Rincón de la Vieja National Park. It has an area of approximately 2,000 acres, and about 1,400 acres are intended to regenerate the forest where all adventure activities take place, always protecting the environment. The remaining 600 acres are dedicated to cattle farming so the ranch produces the majority of the products that the Lodge consumes.
How to Get There
It is located in the Province of Guanacaste, North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, on the slopes of the Rincón de la Vieja volcano. In Liberia, take the road 12 km/ 7 ½ mi northwest of Liberia on the Pan-American Hwy, towards Peñas Blancas, then turn off onto a paved road for about 18 km/ 11.5 mi until you get to the village of Cañas Dulces - only entrance towards the east - (on the right hand side) that is paved, once you pass Cañas Dulce, continue driving on gravel road towards the villages of Buena Vista that is on the way and as you pass the last village you continue the unpaved road until you arrive at the hotel. By renting a car is the easy and comfortable way to enjoy this adventure eco- resort.

• 80 rooms: single and double. With hot water.
• 4 Restaurants: different activities can be undertaken for incentive groups: for example at lunch they can enjoy typical dances and music played with a marimba (xylophone-like instrument) and delicious typical food.
• 2 bars to enjoy the warm environment of the tropics and its sunsets.
• Internet Service.
• Laundry Service.
• 3 massage lounges.
• Private security all night.
• Paramedics.
• Photograph Services.
A World of Adventure
• Horseback riding: visit the three waterfalls: the first one has sulfur pit inside the waterfall, the second one is a natural water slide inside the mountain that falls into small pond, and the last waterfall is the biggest one with a spectacular cascade.
• Trails: these are for all ages and they go through waterfalls, view points, plains, and primary forest and lots more.
• Canopy: great adventure over the top of the trees.
• Thermal waters: sauna, 5 thermal pools, volcanic, mud, and cafeteria. The visitors can get to the thermal waters walking, horseback riding, in jeep, carriage, or in car.
• Hanging bridges.
• Bird watching.
• Water slide of 420 meters long inside the mountain.
• Sustainable Organic Tour

Canopy Tour
Feel your adrenaline rise to the maximum with the Canopy Tour.  It consists of 10 cables and 11 platforms gliding through the top of the trees of the semi-humid tropical forest. While the visitor is traveling through the top of the trees, it can enjoy a diversity of flora and fauna such as birds, howler, spider, and, white-faced capuchin monkeys.

Enjoy this totally refreshing experience with your family by sliding down the longest mountain water slide; 400 meters of pure adventure and excitement in the middle of the Tropical Forest. This is done with all the necessary security equipment.
The three waterfalls Tour
This is a tour that goes through the forest while spotting the diversity of flora and fauna. Three beautiful waterfalls, first one is sulphurous, second one form a small slide of natural water and our visitors can swim in it, and the third one which is the biggest one of them. This tour can be done by horseback riding or walking, and it takes from 3 ½ to 4 hours. Good physical condition is required.
Aerial Trail: The Hanging Bridges are the best choice where you can enjoy the tranquility of a primary forest from a maximum height of 20 meters, along this tour the visitor will find 16 bridges and it takes approximately one hour to walk through all of them.
Thermal Hot Springs
Five rustic natural thermal pools that comes from a spring of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano; with different temperatures, steam bath and volcanic mud in a primary forest. In this mindset calm down as you get pleasure from rejuvenating treatments!! They are located 3 kms from the hotel, the visitor can get there by horseback riding and it takes 45 minutes, or in a tractor-driven cart that takes 25 minutes where you can enjoy the forest and its surroundings, or by walking which it takes 1 hour through trails and rivers.
This place offers cafeteria service. There, it is your opportunity to test your horseback riding skills! Indulge your body in our natural hot springs in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Easy your mind and soul as you relax and enjoy the benefits of the volcanic muds and its healing properties.

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